Why do bridesmaids all wear the same colour?

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Why do bridesmaids all wear the same colour?

Why do bridesmaids all wear the same colour?

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Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend for bridesmaids to wear different colour bridesmaid dresses but did you know why bridesmaids traditionally all wear the same colour?
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Evil Spirits

As with many wedding traditions, the Romans have a lot to answer for, as it was believed bridesmaids were asked to wear the same colour to confuse the evil spirits and to protect the bride. Bridesmaids often wore the same colour as the bride herself to confuse the spirits who were thought to be envious of the bride’s happiness and would do what they could to thwart it.

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Many centuries ago, brides who married a groom from a different town would be susceptible to attacks from rival suitors. So a host of bridesmaids (the original body-double), all wearing identical outfits would confuse bandits and make the bride a harder target, giving the saying ‘getting to bride to the church on time’ a real meaning… it even became a legal requirement to have 10 witnesses (bridesmaids) in attendance.

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Not to out-do the bride

In an interview with The Independent, Lou Taylor, a professor of dress and textile history at the University of Brighton said that the reason that brides in the West often dress their ‘maids in the same dresses dates back to Queen Victoria’s wedding ceremony in 1841, when attendants wore white dresses that looked similar to Queen Victoria’s white gown. However; the reason Queen Victoria did this is often thought was because she didn’t want anyone to out-do her, by having all her bridesmaids dress identically to one another and in white too, meant no one bridesmaid could outshine the Queen herself. (Find out why Queen Victoria’s wedding cake was also white).

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These days, individuality have taken over traditions and bridesmaids can be found wearing not only different colours to the bride but too each other and in different style.  To see the latest bridesmaid styles, trends and colours make sure you catch one of the catwalk shows at The North West Wedding Show.

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