What is a Venue Dresser?

If you are recently engaged, the chances are you may never of heard of a ‘venue dresser’ and if you have guessed (correctly) that they dress your venue, you may be thinking why would you need your wedding venue dressed, when it is already perfect? Well here’s why …

A Venue Dresser or Venue Stylist literally gives your dream wedding venue the WOW factor but more importantly, they give the venue personality – your personality and make the venue bespoke just for you.

Venue dressers and stylists offer everything from simple chair covers to full on venue dressing. They can add the finishing touch to an already perfect venue or they can turn a blank space into your dream wedding you have always dreamt about. They work to different budgets and each have a distinctive style of their own but what they all have in common, is the ability to see something that isn’t yet there and transform an idea into something amazing.

We love working with Mandy from Wachadoin Events, her style is rustic with a twist. It’s a real family business at Wachadoin with Mandy, her Husband and even her Dad making bespoke props such as copper candle handlers from copper piping, table plans from a VW Van bonnet and mixing rustic and contemporary to bring your venue to life.

Image – Keyhole Studios

We’ve recently worked with Mandy on a couple of photo shoots – The Curious Place shoot at Bliss Hotel in Southport and Rustic Charm at The Vicarage in Cheshire, everytime Mandy has delivered above and beyond what we asked for. At Bliss Hotel, she added elements to an already highed styled venue and at The Vicarage, she transformed a blank space into rustic charm.

Bliss Hotel – Image Vicky Dubois Photography

The Vicarage – Image Keyhole Studios

Inbetween lighting hundreds of candles and tweaking props, we asked Mandy all about what she does and why she does it:

How do you come up with the designs?

When designing dressings for a wedding our starting point always has to be the couple.  We spend time chatting with them to see what their ideas are, the look and feel they want to create for their special day, how formal or relaxed they want it to be.  The venue and its décor needs to be considered – what works fantastically in one setting may look out of place in another.  We also think about the time of year as certain dressings and colours can compliment different seasons.  We believe that every wedding is unique and we work with our couples to ensure that they get something special to them for their day.

Flower Wall at Bliss Hotel – Image Vicky Dubois Photography

Chair covers, centre piece, table numbers, stationery and candles – The Vicarage – Image Keyhole Studios

Do couples normally know what they want?

Some couples come in with very clear ideas about what they want, some have a million images saved on Pinterest and others may have just picked their venue and may think they have no idea!  We’re happy to work with people at whatever stage of their planning and ideas to help bring them to life.  We find very often that even for those who are unsure, there will something they have seen or thought about and that can then be the spark for creaking ideas and the look they want. Once one element of the styling is created the rest can flow from that idea.

What was the inspiration behind the props in the shoot?

For the Curious Place Shoot we wanted to create a ‘gothic’ inspired look, that would set off the stunning dresses from Legend Bridal.  It was important that it would still work with the décor at the venue which has a retro / boho feel, with large plants and open metal work. Our starting point was the wonderful, relaxed sofas in the venue that we dressed with a foliage drape and continued the styling into the other dressings. We reflected the décor of the venue with the use of greens and golds, adding large foliage pieces and textures.  Adding in blacks and very deep red florals, mixed with the gothic inspired details, skulls, feathers and candles, completed the look.

Table dressing at Bliss Hotel – Image Vicky Dubois Photography

What is the trend at the moment?

Individuality is key with people more and more wanting to reflect their own style and personalities.  Without a doubt Covid is impacting on weddings, be it people planning micro weddings with the closest family and friends or those planning further ahead and wanting big, bold celebrations.   Both celebrate the importance of family and friends and both can be beautiful.

Outdoors continues to be a significant influence on dressings with lots of foliage and greenery being used within bouquets and dressings.  We are finding a split in colour pallets – from the use of bold, bright colors to more muted shades with hints of pastels.  Creating a back drop to ‘frame’ the Top Table or Ceremony continues to be one most popular items and it a great way to set the tone and feel of the wedding.

Flowers and foilage at Bliss Hotel – Image Vicky Dubois Photography

Ceremony at The Vicarage – Image Keyhole Studios

How long does it take to style a venue on average?

Much of the work for styling a venue happens before the big day.  The time needed for the planning process can be completed far in advance of the wedding and will involve meetings and correspondence with the couple.  The major part of our time in styling a wedding is creating the table centers, back drops, table plans etc. at our showroom – where over a number of days, they can be made or prepped in advance.  This allows us to go into the venue and concentrate on the details and putting it all together.   The dressing for a venue is probably the shortest period in the styling process and can take anything from a couple of hours to most of a day depending on the dressings.

Centre pieces and table dressing at Bliss Hotel – Image Vicky Dubois Photography

Transforming The Vicarage for a Ceremony – Image Keyhole Studios

Image Keyhole Studios

Wachadoin Events have an amazing little corner in The Curious Place at The North West Wedding Show in September and in the meantime, get in touch and book a Zoom chat to start discussing ideas for your wedding.

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