We do not use a 3rd party sales-team and you will only ever be contacted by a member of the Bliss team.  Most of our exhibitors know us but for any new companies, you will only ever be contacted by our team regarding all aspects including booking your stand, electrics, furniture, advertising etc.  It has been brought to our attention that there are a couple of companies offering exhibitors the opportunity to buy our database of brides and grooms, please do not buy this data as we don’t sell or pass on our database to anyone and they do not have this information.  Also, another company is contacting our exhibitors listed to sell them accommodation for the show, again this is nothing to do with us so please contact us as we have preferred rates for exhibitors.

Why should you exhibit at The North West Wedding Show …

Here’s just some of the reasons why:

  1. The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show is the BIGGEST wedding show in the North West, regardless of how other wedding shows describe themselves or what they call their show, this one is the biggest.
  2. Nothing beats meeting your potential customers face-to-face, anyone can double-tap a pretty picture, but actually getting orders means actually meeting your customers.
  3. If you are not at the show, then you are giving your competitors the chance to meet your potential customers.

Where do visitors come from?

Visitors to The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show literally come from all over the country; however 91% come from the North West covering North Wales up to Cumbria and 46% come from the Merseyside area.

Do you need to exhibit if you are an established company in the wedding industry?


We hear this ALL THE TIME! Exhibitors tell us they have been in the wedding industry for years and everyone knows who they are.  Yes, other suppliers do but we can more-or-less guarantee someone who has just become engaged will have never heard about you! 

It’s only when you start to plan your wedding that couples realise there are companies who specialise in chair covers, that you need to order your wedding dress 6 – 8 months before your wedding day and that you can’t just send any old invitation, it needs to be designed properly!

It’s only when couples start to really get into the wedding planning that they realise the absolutely HUGE choice out there …. and if you don’t get your business in front of newly engaged couples, then someone else will … and that is the company the couple will book with!


When did you last have 4,000 people walk into your shop over a weekend?

Something else we hear way too often, is, “….but so many people like my posts on my Instagram page and ALL by business comes from Facebook!”

You may think it does … but it really doesn’t! It’s very easy to double-tap a post but it tends to be out of habit, the bride or groom may see your post and like it but they won’t remember what the company was and trying to find the post again is impossible.

By attending The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show you are getting your business directly in front of your potential customer, we do the advertising for you and bring the brides and grooms directly to your front door …. when else did 4,000 walk into your shop over a weekend? Probably never! So why would you miss out on meeting 4,000 potential customers, face-to-face?

To show your customers you are a professional and reputable business.

The internet and social media are wonderful tools for promoting your business …. but they are also a very easy way to con people out of money. By attending a wedding show you are giving the bride and groom the reassurance that you are a genuine company.

It gives them the assurance that if you have invested in a stand to exhibit at a show, then you are a professional and reputable company and one who can be trusted … and this is PRICELESS!

How do you get involved?

You can contact us at and we can talk through stand availability and costs or give us a call on 0151 227 9179 and speak to Rachel or Joanne, as we love a good chat 🙂

What’s included.

The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show is the ideal platform to engage with your customers. Your target market is right here, so invite them to find out more about your product or service. Plus you’ll receive first hand feedback, the opportunity to launch your product, provide samples and most importantly, to interact directly with your customers.

  • Meet brides and grooms face-to-face
  • Take sales or bookings on the day
  • Collect customer data
  • Meet with other suppliers
  • Exhibit at a prestigious venue
  • Brand awareness before, during and after the show via our marketing channels
  • Extensive marketing campaign across radio, magazines, print, social media and digital
  • Inclusion in the website directory (most popular page on the website)
  • Social media posts and website blogs



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