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Wedding Guest Etiquette

Wedding Guest Etiquette

‘Wedding etiquette’ doesn’t just refer to the bridal party come the big day. There are a few rules that you, as a guest, should be aware of too. From the RSVP to the gift list, these are a few do’s and don’ts that will put you in a good stance of becoming a stellar wedding guest…

If you receive an invitation without the option of a plus one, it’s for a very important reason… budgeting. The price tag of a wedding is dictated by numbers and cost per head.  Accommodating even one or two extra guests really does need to be taken into consideration when planning the big day, so don’t assume it’s fine to turn up with someone who hasn’t been included on the guest list.

The same goes for children, if they aren’t mentioned in your invitation, don’t assume they’re invited. It’s more than likely that the couple has decided on a completely child-free wedding.

It’s also essential to RSVP by the date stated on the invitation (usually about 4 weeks before) if not earlier and via the method that they’ve specified. For example, can you imagine 100+ guests all RSVPing by phone, email, letter, social media, text or by telling your Mum (who could forget to pass the message on!).

To wear white, or not to wear white, that is always a question! The dress code may be included in the invitation but if not, dress as you would for any other formal occasion. White is an age-old no-no, even wearing off-white or cream can deem unpolite so err on the side of caution and opt for another, more appropriate colour.

Photographs and Social Media
Social media is fantastic for sharing photos, comments and reliving memories of the happy day… but don’t upload a photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram until you’ve had the Bride and Groom’s permission. These days it’s common for the couple to include requests around social media in their invitation or on their wedding website. They may encourage you to snap and upload photos from the moment you arrive, even using a hashtag dedicated to the day. If so, go for it… just don’t tag the Bride in a photograph that can deem unflattering.

Gift List
The gift list has been carefully curated by the couple for a reason. They already have a toaster, blender, bedding, towels and photo frames, especially if they’ve lived together for a while. They will specify gifts that they need, and if you feel that the list is a little over-budget, a gift voucher for an amount that you can afford will be equally appreciated.

Arrive in a Timely Manner

On the day, the last person to enter the venue and walk down the aisle should be the bride, not a late-comer interrupting mid-ceremony. Aim to arrive and be seated around 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin.

Respect the Open Bar!
Providing a free bar is a way of the couple saying thank you to the guests for coming. Don’t take advantage or abuse the courtesy by getting embarrassingly drunk, falling over… or worse! Pace yourself and you’ll thank yourself.

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