How to turn your wedding reception into the party of the year!

Venue is booked, you have found your dream dress, you have finally picked a colour scheme … but how are you going to entertain your guests?

Many surveys over the years have shown the evening entertainment is the least thought-through part of the wedding, surely anyone can play some tunes and get people on to the dance floor, right?? Wrong!!!

A whopping 92% of couples said they wish they had spent more time picking their evening entertainment and allocated more the budget to it as well.


Its not a case of someone having all the latest songs to play, they need to understand the flow of the music. Each wedding is different, with different groups of people and personalities and a good DJ will understand one playlist does not fit all. A good selection of dance floor fillers is needed and the DJ needs to understand the dynamics and age groups of people at your wedding.


Without a shadow of a doubt, the weddings that people remember are the ones with the live bands and entertainment. Bands can be costly but worth every penny so find out what their costs involves, how many sets will they play for and waht happens inbetween sets .. don’t forget they are playing live so can’t perfrom non-stop from 7pm to 1am!


The best way to pick you bands and DJ is to hear them play live, there really is no substitution for this! The Live Lounge at The North West Wedding Show means you can hear the bands play live in front of crowds of people, you can see how they interact with people and how they sound live.  You can have a chat with them about their playlists and whether their style of music is right for your wedding.


Having ambience music at your wedding is lovely for those in-between moments, the drinks reception after the ceremony, waiting for the wedding breakfast to be served or walking up the aisle to a string quartet.

For a full list of live performers click HERE

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