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Treat Your Tribe

Treat Your Tribe

Treat your tribe this Christmas and show them how much they mean to you.

Planning your wedding is a very special time but its also very easy to get lost in the planning to the point where you forget to make time for your friends and family, so this Christmas #treatyourtribe and remind them how much you love them and how thankful you are to have them by yourself as you plan the wedding and walk up that aisle.

Afternoon Tea

With busy lifestyles, hectic work schedules, family commitments and endless Christmas parties its so important to make a date to get your tribe together.  Booking an Afternoon Tea at a beautiful hotel like or restaurant makes a change from trying to fit in a night out in December and means you can spend the time chatting and having a good old catch up, instead of screaming to be heard in a noisy bar.  Inglewood Manor‘s Afternoon Tea can be served in their Dining Room, Lounge or in front of their roaring fire.

Cheese and Wine Night

Hope Street Hotel and London Carriage Works are offering two things for a good life… wine and cheese! Join them 29 November at 7pm to discover beautiful cheese with carefully matched fine wines, for £35 per person.

Or organise your own night, get your Tribe around and get each one to bring their favourite cheese with matching wine.  A night in front of the fire with your best friends, a good bottle of wine (or two, three and four) and a huge selection of cheese – what more do you need!

Image: Instagram @funkmasterach

Pamper Time

Can you imagine the indulgence of taking a whole day off from life to be pampered with your friends?

The luxury Spa at Formby Hall offers a sumptuous oasis of peace and tranquility; a haven away from the rigours of daily life. As a leading luxury spa hotel in the North West, it is perfect for relaxing spa breaks, spa weekends or spa day treatments.

Whether you prefer a chilled out spa day, a relaxing spa break or simply a spa treatment for some indulgence, you can have it all at Carden Spa we have all you need.

Walk along the candlelit corridors filled with the scent of aromatherapy oils and look forward to some me time. Share your spa experience with friends and join us for a Carden Spa Night In or choose one of our dual treatment rooms to enjoy a treatment together.

Add a bit of Sparkle

Why not treat your bridesmaids to a bespoke bit of bling from Rocks for Frocks? All they jewellery and accessories are handmade and bespoke and they will work to your budget. A beautiful jewellery piece for their hair or matching bracelets to wear on the wedding day would be priceless.


Get into the Christmas Spirit

Book a Christmas Wreath making session or get a local florist such as Little Eden Flowers to deliver the components and you can make them together over a glass of mulled wine in the comfort of your own home.

Get them involved

The bride goes free to The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show but don’t forget at least one of the bridesmaids coming with you needs to pay for her ticket so #treatyourtribe and order their tickets today, or for a real treat, why not upgrade to the VIP Lounge…. inviting them to help you plan your actual wedding will make them feel as if they are really involved in your wedding and when you all walk up that aisle together, you walk up as a bond that can’t be broken.

Brides-to-be being photographed in wedding car

But whatever you decide to do, make sure you make the time to spend with your bridesmaids this Christmas because these are the girls that really are for life and not just for Christmas (or your wedding day) 🙂

Main image of bridesmaids: MSW Photography (Rachel’s wedding)

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