The unconventional wedding photographer

Unconventional, quirky and completely bonkers … you don’t just get a wedding photographer when you book Vicky Dubois, you get a little pocket-rocket of energy whose creative juices literally flow all around her like a mini tornado and give you THE-MOST-AMAZING wedding photographers you can imagine!

Long gone are the days of endless group photos, stiffly posed portraits and an album filled with awkward shots. Wedding photographers these days capture the days as it unfolds in reportage style but with Vicky you also get a little big of magic!

Trained in Fine Art Photography, Vicky’s background began in the fashion industry and she has worked from high fashion companies and commercial fashion to independent fashion designers. Working across the UK, Vicky has built up a reputation in the industry for capturing the personalities of their designs, creating amazing styles and shapes with fabric.

But it was only when Vicky was looking for a photographer for her own wedding that she realised if she combined her fashion photography techniques with wedding photography, she could produce truly stunning images for couples.

“I use to consider wedding photography as stiff, main stream and boring, with huge lists of group shots and over posed brides and grooms. However, since arranging my own wedding, I discovered this whole new world of creative weddings and wedding photography. I realised that there are people out there just as unconventional and bonkers as me, that love to do things differently!

Photography to me is an escape from the real world. Being educated in Fine Art Photography has helped me to blend the professional requirements of a photoshoot with my unique, creative style of photography.”

Vicky’s style is unique – it’s dramatic and fun, sultry and vibrant, creative and beautiful – it’s a style like no other to give you truly stunning photography of your wedding day.

“My photography style is fun, relaxed, creative and pretty non-traditional. I do enjoy all weddings, but the truly personal ones that emulate those quirky and crazy personalities involved are my absolute favourite.”

Vicky is a people person. You get that the minute you meet her, her enthusiam and zest for life is infectious. You want her to be not only your wedding photographer but your new best friend, she’s the kind of person you actually want at your wedding. She loves people, she loves life, she loves what she does!

“I bloody LOVE meeting new couples. Their love, their passions and their excitement is what I live for. My favourite part is coming out to meet you beautiful people before your big day. Getting to know you personally is what I like best, because you music taste, personal style and hobbies are what help me make you photography experience to special.”

Her passion for what she does is obvious and she takes her job very seriously.

“Your photography is that one special thing left over after your wedding day, as well as your love for each other and wedding bands of course. Make sure you choose the right photographer for you. Because the last thing you need is a complete stranger following you around all day making you uncomfortable or even worse, boring you to death. This day is so beautiful and its over in a flash! Trust me!”

Vicky is exhibiting at The North West Wedding Show in Janaury but please don’t wait until then to contact her, hop over to her website page today and say hello … before another couple books your wedding day!

Here’s some samples of Vicky’s amazing work:

To see more images from Vicky, head over to her Instagram page to see her full gallery.

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