The secret ingredient …. a little bit of magic

The secret ingredient …. a little bit of magic

Whenever we tell people we are working on a photo shoot, the response is always the same …”ooooh how exciting!” and yes they are right, it is exciting but very few people realise the effort that goes into one! Photo shoots happen all the time but the magic happens when a group of people come together who are above anything else, passionate about what they do … that’s when the magic happens and something pretty special evolves – and that’s the secret ingredient!

A misconception of a photo shoot is always that its no big deal for the companies involved … I mean, all the photographer has to do is point the camera, right?! WRONG!!! Photo shoots take a great deal of time, effort and commitment – Jane from Maddision Rocks Floral Sculpture confessed she was shattered because she had been up until 1am adding the finishing touches to the bespoke pieces she had made for the shoot!

All the companies involved make bespoke pieces, tailormade to each couple so the hours (and hours) it took them to make their contribution to the shoot (and it truly was stunning!) meant the cost was on them. Sam from Prim & Glad Bespoke Wedding Stationery had to create new designs and pay for printed material for our ‘fake wedding’. Wachadoin’ Events created stunning backdrops for the shoot and beautiful greenery foliage when she could have been working on paid jobs and don’t even mention the number of hours the creative genuis, otherwise known as Charlotte from Legend Bridal Designs spent handmaking the stunning creation of the dress. The GlamBunny MUA, we sometimes call her Faye, gave up a day of paying customers to transform our models right before our eyes and the models volunteered their time … all for a packet of donuts. The venue, Bliss Hotel allowed us to take over the areas in the hotel that had caught our eye, in particular, Room, their brand new event space over-looking the Marina that no-one has actually seen yet as the grand opening was due to place as Lockdown was enforced!). And as for Vicky Dubois Photography … well she gave up a day’s shooting at Boho to work her gothic socks off to produce a collection of images that has literally blown our minds… oh did I forget to mention she has worked literally every night since the shoot editing the photos so we would have them asap!

So yes, a photo shoot is a big deal and it’s even more special to be involved in one. The companies who get involved know its hardwork but they take it on the chin because they understand not only how important it is letting future brides and grooms about what they are all about but also because they get to work with other creative people who are passionate about what they do as they are.

The shoot started at 10am on Friday and we only left the hotel at 6pm and in that time the enthusiam from the companies involved never once dipped. They could have easily dropped off their invitations and bouquets and left us to get on with it, but they didn’t, they wanted to stay and soak up the atmosphere of the day. They spoke non-stop about their plans and it was amazing to listen to them as they bounced off each other with ideas for photo shoots they wanted to do, the themes they wanted to try and what they could create next. They used each other as bouncing boards for new designs they had created and asked each other’s advice – they were in all this together and that’s were the special ingredient is … that little bit of magic that turns an average photo shoot, product or service into something very special… this is what you get when people LOVE what they do and they don’t just do it to make a quick buck or see it as a job.

So if you would like a little bit of magic into your wedding day, then we strongely suggest you contact these amazing companies:

Photography: Vicky Dubois Photography
Bridal Dress: Legend Bridal Designs
Bouquet, Button Holes, Headpiece: Maddision Rocks Floral Sculpture
Event Themeing and Venue Dressings: Wachadoin’ Events
Make-up: The GlamBunny MUA
Stationery: Prim & Glad Bespoke Wedding Stationery
Menswear: Groom Formal
Hotel: Bliss Hotel Southport

Each company has an amazing story to tell so over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing with you their own wonderfully, wacky stories – how they built up their companies, the inspiration behind the story and the unconventionally (and totally bonkers) personalities behind each amazingly, eccentric company. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for the next chapter because it involves deities and goddesses, real life legends … and an utterley amazeballs group of people!

All images are the copyright Vicky Dubois Photography and cannot be used without permission from the photographer.

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