The role of your Bride Tribe on the wedding day.

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The role of your Bride Tribe on the wedding day.

The role of your Bride Tribe on the wedding day.

You’ve put your Bride Tribe together, you’ve survived the Hen party/weekend… holiday but what is the role of your BrideTribe on your wedding day?

Feeding the bride

The bridesmaids need to be up bright and early and ready to tackle whatever comes their way. They need to plan ahead and arrange things like food and drink.  The bride won’t have time to eat and most are too excited to think of food so make sure food is available for the bride – and that she get’s to eat it.

Tears, promises and laughter

The morning of the wedding is a lovely time between the Bride and her Tribe. It’s a time of excitement of what is to come and it’s also a time to reminisce about the adventures you have all gotten up to over the years.

It’s a time to show the Bride just how much she is loved and forge even stronger bonds, that will last a lifetime.

And it’s a time to show the Bride that no matter what happens, come rain or shine, they will always be there for you and are worthy of a place by your side. They will never let you down, because they are your Bride Tribe, they are your Wing-Women and they will always stand by your side.

Getting you ready

Only your bridesmaids really know what goes on to get you into ‘that dress’. Once you walk down the aisle, your guests will see you looking your absolute best in your stunning dress with that bridal glow.  No-one other than your bridesmaids needs to see, or know, the effort to squeeze, tuck, tie and tape you into your dress – this is THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB OF THE DAY…. so top tip for bridesmaids, pay attention in the bridal shop to how the dress is fastened by the experts, do not wing this on the day those corsets are not as easy as they look!

Getting the bride to the church on time

Timing is crucial! The entire day is running on a tight schedule so Bridesmaids need to keep a tight rein on the time, at all times. Getting the Bride to the ‘church’ on time, is the second most important job of the day … and of course, this has to be in true Bride Tribe style.

Protect the bride at all costs

The Bride Tribe must ensure the Bride has everything she needs, all day long. The Bride Tribe is the Secret Service of the Bridal World. No-one gets near the bride unless the bridesmaids have approved first. Bridesmaids need to make sure everyone knows what their roles are … including the person officiating the marriage, nothing should get past a good Bride Tribe and no-one wants to mess with one … would you take this lot on?? 🙂

The Ceremony

For some, probably most Brides, walking down the aisle and standing in front of a room full of people can be very nerve-racking so having her BrideTribe next to her, offers a sense of familiarity and support.

One of the Bridesmaids, normally the Chief Bridesmaid, will need to look after the Bride’s flowers while the happy couple are exchanging rings but their main job at this point is to ensure they outshine the Wingmen AT ALL TIMES!

The official photos

Bridesmaids must ensure the bride looks beautiful at all times. It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference; making sure the dress is flowing correctly, the skirt is fluffed out, the tail is elegantly laid out, the veil can be seen in its full glory, hair and make-up is perfect.

And of course, all Bridesmaids must ensure they all fit under the veil at the same time …

Feeding the Bride … again

The Bride won’t have time to get herself a drink or something to eat during the drinks reception and photos, so make sure she has a little glass of fizz, to keep her calm and give her a boost of energy. If there are canapés floating about, try and get the Bride to have a couple to keep her going, no-one wants a fainting bride!

Rock that Speech

It’s becoming more and more common for one of the Bridesmaid’s to give a speech at the wedding, instead of the traditional speeches by the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man. So if one of the Bridesmaids is going to give a speech, there is only one rule here … make sure they absolutely rock the socks off that speech in true #girlpower and nothing less then a standing ovation will do!

Last man standing

The Bride Tribe must ensure they are the last ‘men’ standing, literally. No Bridesmaid worthy of the title can leave that dance floor before her Bride!

But whatever you do as a Bridesmaid, DO NOT leave it up to the new Groom to get your Bride out of her dress because that is never going to happen with a corset style … this is the last role of the Bridesmaids before she signs off one of the most important jobs she will ever have.

Wedding: Rachel and Brendan Domigan
Wedding dress: Maggie Sottero from The Bridal Path
Bridesmaids: Asos
Bride and Bridesmaids Bouquets: Red Floral Architecture
Groom and Groomsmen: Attire Menswear
Venue: Hotel Cala D’Or, Mallorca
Photographs: MSW Photography

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