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Your wedding invitation is a shop window into your wedding. It’s not just a piece of paper with the time and place of your wedding, it’s the first time your guests get a glimpse of what is in store on your wedding day. Your wedding day is no ordinary day, so you need something out of the ordinary… you need Prim & Glad!

Samantha from Prim & Glad Bespoke Wedding Stationery is no ordinary stationery designer – no traditional cream invites from this crazy lady! Instead, you will get truly bespoke stationery, which not only stand out from the crowd but represent your wedding day in a wonderfully wacky way!

Sam was involved in last month’s photo shoot for The Curious Place. The theme was green and gold but she also incorporated the style of the venue, Bliss Hotel, to make sure the stationery had their vibe.

We caught up with Sam at the shoot to find our what makes tick and how she keeps coming up with her crazy creations.

All your couples get bespoke stationery just for them, so how do you come up with the designs?

I offer bespoke stationery so I love meeting the couple and finding out what makes them tick. I typically work to a design brief or a couple’s ideas, where I literally say “throw it all at me” and we have a brainstorm about their ideas, colours etc.  The best way is to just have a chat with them about what they want from their wedding and they give me loads of details about their ideas, their pinterest boards, themes they have seen on Instagram and magazines and I starting creating designs based on that!

I’ll get a flash of inspiration whilst I’m absorbing myself in their wedding ideas & it builds from there. Sometimes they only know a colour they’d like incorporated or a particular element, like succulents for example, so I’ll do a few options & we go from there until they love it!

Obviously my favourite ones are the couples who say things like “I want beetles & skulls, with flashes of silver & a few playing cards thrown in, oohh & can we add a unicorn too? oohh & my dog, I need my dog in there”. These are my absolute favourite couples to work with and my favourite designs are always created with these kind of creative briefs… I mean, who wouldn’t want a Beetle and Unicorns themed wedding??!!

What was the inspiration behind The Curious Place photo shoot?

The brief was ‘Green & Gold, Gothic with a hint of Art Deco’. We also decided as a team to add flashes of burgundy in too to break up the green. I took most of my inspiration from the venue, Bliss Hotel in Southport, as that has a brilliant retro vibe, gorgeous green velvet chairs and lots of greenery. I love styled shoots, especially with the guys who worked on this one, as I know I can really let my creative hair down and just go for it. We work together quite often so we get each other’s style too, it always pulls together brilliantly and we had a lot of fun on this shoot just letting our creative juices run a little wild!

How long does the whole design process take?

I generally spend an hour or so immersed in the mood board or inspo photos & then create a plan of what items are needed so they can work together cohesively. Typically a design can take me anything from 1 hour to days and days, it all depends on the level of detail and how many items are needed. For this shoot I decided on a 5×7 flat invite with matching A6 reply card. I also created name cards for the table & tall menus, which worked perfectly with the table setting.

Sam is exhibiting in The Curious Place at The North West Wedding Show in January but in the meantime, get in touch with her to make your virtual appointment.

Website: Prim and Glad Bespoke Wedding Stationery
Facebook: @primandglad
Instagram: @primandglad

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