Rock your dress the Legend Bridal way

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Rock your dress the Legend Bridal way

Rock your dress the Legend Bridal way

“When all you want to feel is the magic in your veins,
And to dance to your own tune,
For the wanderers and adventurous, for the beautiful mysterious, the wild and free,
When effortless is goals and being you means no concession,
When your dress doesn’t yet exist and compromise is not an option,
We are here for the dreamers of dreams and the starry eyed,
Then we are here to create a dress of your dreams”

Legend Bridal Designs

Your wedding day is your time to shine, without compromise! If you are looking for a dress that will stand out from the crowd, a dress that expresses your personality and encompasses your style, then the amazingly, talented team behind Legend Bridal Design can really make your dreams come true.

Their philosophy is simple; to give brides exactly what they want – a dress that’s entirely unique, completely you, and fits like a glove. Each dress is bespoke – inspired by the brides individuality and handmade by the Legend team.

If you want to learn a bit more about the bespoke process or to view their collections head over to their Instagram page …. but by far the best way to find out more about them, their designs and the way they work is meet them at The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show in The Curious Place feature area and on the catwalk 11.15am, 12.50pm and 2.30pm both days.



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