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Every bride (and groom!) wants to look their best on their wedding day and a great deal of time, and often money, is spent on outfits … but we often forget dismiss out skin, so find out what Niksskin Aethestics can offer to help you achieve a flawless look with an unbeatable glow.

Niksskin Aesthetics

“We are delighted to be a part of The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show offering tips and advice to all our brides and bridal party on how to obtain the perfect skin – whether you are getting married at home or abroad, if you have problem skin or not we will be offering all brides to be an insight on how to achieve the flawless look we all strive for. We will be talking about cosmeceuticals v’s high street products, what professional treatments can offer you and what you can be doing at home, diet tips, knowledge and products and everything else skin related you can think of.

So you have said yes! You are about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life so far and there is a lot to co-ordinate, the dress, the venue, the photographer and of course you want to look your absolute best on the pictures that you will look back over for the rest of your life but before you think about the perfect hairstyle, the manicure and make-up you need to focus on your skin.  Good skin is a commitment and similar to going to the gym if you want long lasting results you need to commit to regular appointments – it’s like having a personal trainer for your skin without the sweat!

So where and when to begin?? When searching for the perfect dress we all have different needs, waist defining, backless, sweetheart, fishtail, miles of tulle etc well we also have different and specific skin needs and concerns!


At least 6 months before (12 if you have it!) you need to start your skin journey, book an appointment with Niksskin where we will analyse your skin properly, taking a holistic approach considering both the inside and the outside – this is the first step in treating your skin according to your own individual needs – what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another! We will be able to educate you on your skin type and what cocktail of products/ingredients containing active ingredients it requires.

At Niksskin Aesthetics we recommend a range of products to suit all budget types (you should never feel pressured into buying products) and create a treatment plan tailored to you.  Issues more severe than the occasional blemish and fine line will take some time to treat so depending on skin type this will differ for example – acneic skin, prone to breakouts (which will no doubt increase as the wedding planning commences and stress levels soar!) – a treatment plan with an at home skin care regime will be advised.  We will discuss diet, face mapping and other tricks to help get acne under control , we will also be able to identify what type of acne you have – hormonal, sweat acne, stress acne etc and advise you accordingly.

Similarly for people who suffer with Rosacea or other skin conditions this will normally be the way a course of treatment will go. If you are lucky enough to have relatively clear skin with no specific concerns then your routine and monthly treatments will reflect this working on maintenance and rejuvenation.  Skin cells are on a 28 day turnover, we all go through something called the desquamation process and every 28 days dead skin cells are meant to drop off but unfortunately due to stress, age, environment and other uncontrollable factors this isn’t the case.  Regular monthly treatments will assist the cell turnover and as you get nearer to the big day regardless of your skin type you should be looking smooth, radiant, younger and brighter!

A professional facial can offer so much more than treating your skin at home so if you can invest in a treatment plan you will see how regular treatments can help you achieve dreamy skin.  An intensive skin rejuvenating treatment clears things out, plumps things up and encourages your own home products to work that much harder leaving you looking flawless and glowing for your big day.

We have a long list of clients who feel that the more expensive a treatment is, the more invasive it is or the more downtime required means the best results but this isn’t always the case.  We will advise you on what your skin needs and create a treatment plan tailored to your skin’s particular needs each month as this can change month to month – great skin doesn’t have to cost the earth, amazing results can be had from simple regular tailored treatments.  This is why we created the Niksskin Bridal Package which consists of a bespoke monthly treatment specifically suited to your skin at that time, 2 facials for the price of 1 on the month of the wedding (including one of our more expensive treatments), 10% off products and priority booking for £70 each month. Treatments not included on the package are Mesotherapy, Microneedling, Chemical peels, SWiCH or Fire and ice … These treatments are available at 20% off treatment price or as your wedding month facial for free.

The few days before the wedding (this is normally a family affair with the whole bridal party booking in for treatments including the Mother of the Bride, bridesmaids and includes lots of champagne!) – we pick the best treatment that makes the already glowing bride even more radiant and make up go on like a dream, helps eliminate any dark circles from sleepless nights in the run up to the wedding and zaps any blemishes that have popped up due to stress levels.

Once you have your professional treatment plan in place the next step is to hone your at home skin care regime. Skin responds well to rituals – a daily skincare regime can delay ageing by keeping skin well conditioned, hydrated, nourished and protected.   You should follow the Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate and Protect protocol twice a day for the best results.

Cleansing Routine

A good cleanser – gentle enough to use morning and night will help dead cell buildup and prevent breakouts.
Treat – a good day and night serum has the highest level of active ingredients targeted to treat specific skin issues.  The thicker heavier ingredients in cream forms a barrier on your skin that’s great for locking moisture in but it can also lock active ingredients out.  The active ingredients in serums don’t have these hindrances so the active ingredients penetrate your skin faster and more effectively.

Hydrate – A lightweight moisturiser doesn’t clog pores, hydrates, smoothes and softens.  It provides an antioxidant rich protective layer on skin, prevents moisture loss, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides protection against environmental damage.
Protect  – SUNSCREEN!!! No matter how often I tell clients the importance of a good SPF it somehow always falls flat – a good sunscreen will protect your skin from the harmful rays that cause premature ageing and skin cancer while keeping your complexion pigmentation and blemish free!  Look for products that offer broad spectrum protection meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays and always opt for factor 30 plus.

We are at stand number 61 and are here to answer any questions you may have and talk in more depth about different skin types and specific products and ingredients that have been tried and tested.

So until then brides to be – drink lots of water, eat your greens, do some yoga, meditate, smile and wear SPF!!”

Niksskin Aethestics – Stand 61

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