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Meet The Pedal Tones

Meet The Pedal Tones

Meet The Pedal Tones in the Live Lounge at The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show in January because …..

“The Pedal Tones were incredible!!! They had our guests up and dancing from start to finish! They were professional, friendly and did everything they could to ensure our wedding ran smoothly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Charlotte / Bride

The Pedal Tones are 3 young lads who have a huge love for live music and getting the party in full flow. They have been playing music for years and now want to perform at your event to make it the best it can be!

Ben Matthews

Ben is their fully fledged beard going drummer. He has been playing drums for a number of years and loves Spice Girls, Abba and Britney Spears (apparently this is a guilty secret and we aren’t supposed to mention is 🙂 )

Tony Hassall

Lead Vocals and Guitar

Tony is the lead vocals and he plays the guitar because he got very good at Guitar Hero and then thought ‘hey, I’ll give the real thing a go’. He has studied it religiously, playing across the world!

Tom Kinton

Tom is backing vocals and Bass Guitar and is that he is really really really really tall…. he’s also a really, really, really, really good Bass Guitarist!

But most importantly, is that we do know once you hear them in the Live Lounge you are pretty much going to love them to and you will need to book them pretty quickly for your wedding as lots of brides and grooms have had the same idea and they are getting booked up FAST!
The Pedal Tones started as an little idea from Tom (Bass Guitar) and Tony (lead vocals and Guitar) and since then they have performed all across the country at corporate events, weddings and all kinds of music related shenanigans.

They love performing live and pride themselves on their live shows and recordings – but as they are so busy performing at private events such as weddings etc, they have very limited time to play publicly so the Live Lounge is the perfect opportunity to hear them … and book for your wedding!
So register for your FREE bride ticket now!

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