How to turn your wedding into the party of the year

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How to turn your wedding into the party of the year

How to turn your wedding into the party of the year.

Turn your wedding reception into a party everyone will remember for a long time by picking the best way to entertain your guests throughout the night.

Deciding what kind of wedding reception you want is the key.  The type of entertainment you go with defines the atmosphere and sets the party scene – are you looking for background music so you can chat and mingle with your guests without having to shout over the music or do you want everyone on the dance floor dancing the night away.

Bring your own music

Couples these days have literally thousands of songs downloaded on phones and iPods and having your own playlist played through the venues sound system is a great way to have all your favourite songs played. Asking your guests to let you know what songs they would also like to hear is a great way of getting everyone involved and really making them feel like part of the wedding.

The songs you love to sing along to in the car might not be the best song choice to entertain your guests and do you really want to keep pressing the shuffle button to skip to the next song if one of your guests has picked Taylor Swift’s ‘We are never, ever getting back to together’ as they did for our Director’s wedding!


Professional DJs do this for a living.  They rock up at the venue with their kit, set-up without you even knowing and before long they have the dance-floor filled with everyone having the time of their lives.  The know what songs work, they have learnt to understand different crowds and when a type of song is working, or not, so they literally keep the party going.
The Kev Day Roadshow is one of the North West’s leading wedding DJ’s and has built himself a solid reputation with a distinctive style.  You also get that little bit extra with DJ Kev with cutting-edge lighting systems and large flatscreen TVs plus your guests can text their requests directly to his computer.

DJ Kev Day

But make sure you have done your research before your book your DJ.  Have you heard them DJ before?  Did they play the kind of songs you want to hear?  Make sure you DJ you have heard and like is the one you will get on the night – some larger companies have a host of DJs which you might not have heard of.

Live Bands

If you like a certain type of music or want more of a personal feel to the evenings entertainment then a live band might be right up your street. The Pedal Tones are 3 young lads who absolutely love who have a huge love for live music and getting the party in full flow.

The Pedal Tones

The Toni James Band can be booked as anything from a 4-piece group right up to 12 members or more. The standard line-up of the band consists of vocals, keyboards, bass and drums and they have been entertaining their audiences for many years with their energetic and super slick performance that will have everybody up dancing.

The Toni James Band

Or if you are looking for someone who can swoon your guests off their feet then have a look at Josh Hindle Wedding Singer who has a way of bringing everyone together for a ‘proper knees-up’ and a memory you will never forget.

Josh Hindle

The Club Scene

If you want your wedding reception to be like you ‘rave-days’ or you love the Ibiza club scene then Six15 Events are the ones for you. The Six15 Wedding Afterparty is a mixture of DJ’s and live artist musicians playing the sax, percussion, electric violin, vocals, trumpet etc to Ibiza vibes and club classics to give you the ultimate club/party experience.

Six15 Events

Surprise Performances

And there is always the surprise entertainment that no-one expects, like Your Singing Waiters, who perform for your unsuspecting guests by arguing as they are serving the meal to then burst into song which shocks and stuns your guests all at the same time.

Your Singing Waiters

Finishing Touches

Add a little sparkle by added finishing touches to the dance floor such as a LED dance floor or Light up Love Letters by AA Decorative or Big Events Company.

Big Event Group

It’s a tricky decision and the only advice we can give you is to take your time and make sure you don’t look at the entertainment as an afterthought.  The evening reception is where all the fun happens and you want your guests to have a party like they’ve never had before…. at your wedding!

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