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How to entertain your wedding guests

How to entertain your wedding guests

How you entertain your wedding guests is a key factor of your wedding day as the entertainment is one of the main things wedding guests remember about the day itself.  And we don’t mean, the band or DJ, we mean how you entertain your guests throughout the day.

Depending on the time of your wedding ceremony, there will be gaps in your wedding day that may need filling to ensure your guests are kept entertained.

Key times to think about are:

  • waiting for the bride or groom to arrive at the ceremony
  • during the bride and groom only photographs
  • in-between the wedding breakfast and evening reception
  • during the evening reception

Entertaining your guests tends to be one of the last things you organise for your wedding and the smallest percentage of your budget you allocate to it … but it is the one area your guests will talk about the most!

Before the cermony

Guests may arrive up to an hour before the ceremony gets started so a String Quartet is a lovely way to welcome your guests – and as an added bonus, it is also a lovely having a string quartet playing as you walk down the aisle.

Athena Strings

During the Bride and Groom Photographs

Depending on the style of photographer you have chosen, the majority of photographers will take the group photos first, then whittle it down through the groups into they are left with just the bride and groom. The bride and groom photos can take up to an hour so what do you do with your guests while they wait to finish?  Most venues provide canapés and a glass of fizz at the this stage but adding other features can help make your guests feel an important part of your wedding.

Having a quirky table plan gets everyone involved.  At a recent wedding we attended, each person was given a little model animal and you had to find the matching animal on the table. Hearing everyone laughing when they discovered what animal they were was a perfect start to the wedding breakfast and got everyone involved.

Summer weddings, fingers crossed the sun actually comes out, are perfect for an ice cream cart.  It gives people something to do and as it involves food, everyone is happy.

Keyhole Studios

The wedding breakfast

For guests who have never witnessed it before, booking Singing Waiters to surprise your guests while waiting in-between courses is one of the funniest things they will witness at a wedding.  Singer Waiters come in all disguises from waiters (obvs) and Policeman to gate-crashing guests. They enter the room, cause a scene, make all your guests gasp and just when its starting to get awkward they break into song … the look on your guests faces is absolutely priceless!

Your Singing Waiters – Big Event Group

The gap between the wedding breakfast and evening reception

The time between the wedding breakfast and evening reception can be quite a tricky gap to fill. You might have different rooms booked at the wedding venue which means your guests just leave one room for the other, or the staff might need to turn the breakfast room into an evening room and guests might need to vacate this area for a short period of time.  Time is also crucial here, an early wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast may mean there is quite a big gap to fill until the evening reception so this needs some serious consideration.

Casino tables are perfect fillers for this time and also for your evening guests.  It gives your Guests something to do, it’s a fun thing to do and it gets your guests mingling with other guests from different tables.

Fun Casino Royale

Photo booths and Selfie Mirrors are a really good laugh and by this time, a few glasses of fizz will have been
drank so your Guests are more likely to get involved – especially with the fancy dress booths which include funny props.

AA Decorative

Evolutionary Events

Magicians are great for entertaining your guests at tables or keeping children occupied, even if it’s for a short while.  If you guests need to leave the room while it is set-up for the evening do, then the magicians are great at mingling within each group and distracting them while the venue staff do what they have to do.

Derek Gustard Magic

Garden games on a sunny day are just the best way to get everyone involved. From bouncy castles (yes they are not just for kids), to crazy golf or a more serene game of croquet you can really get your guests involved and give them something they will talk about for a long time to come.

If you have a lot of children at your wedding then you may also want to consider a Children’s Entertainer. A company like Cherub Event Minders will other up the little ones and entertain them with their own little play area with inflatables, games and face painting.

Cherub Event Minders

Video games will put a smile on every gamers face, small kids to big kids and there is nothing better than seeing Grandma whoop a teenager at table football, proper ninja-style!

ChampFoos Table Football

During the Reception

Entertaining your guests during the evening is the easy bit and the list is endless from Fun Casino Tables and Photo Booths, Candy Carts to Ice Cream Bikes and of course bands, singers and DJs and if you really want to find out how to get your party started then check out these fab wedding bands.

Lovely Booths

Fun Casino Royale

Capture That Photobooths

Two for Joy Photography

Keyhole Studios

Big Event Group

Booking your entertainment

Many companies can only provide entertainment for one wedding at a time so make sure you book as early as you can because if you have found the perfect entertainer, then there is a good chance another couple have too and they could also be getting married on the same day as you!

Visit wedding shows to find reputable wedding entertainment companies and see their products up, close and personal so you can check out the quality of what you are hiring.


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