Guess what 78% of couples wish they had spent more on at their wedding?

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Guess what 78% of couples wish they had spent more on at their wedding?

Guess what 78% of couples wish they had spent more on at their wedding?

In a recent survey, 1,000 couples were asked what they would change about their wedding and guess what 78% of couples wish they had spent more on?


As with most couples, the venue and outfits take priority when organising your wedding. Making the venue as beautiful as possible comes next with venue dressing and table decorations. Making sure the photographer is booked to capture your special day is up there as a top priority. Stationery is one of those things that you know you need to do but keep putting off and anything that takes place AFTER the wedding breakfast tends to be seen as an afterthought.

But before you dismiss your wedding reception entertainment as ‘just a band or a DJ’, you need to consider that in a recent survey a whopping 78% of couples said they wish they had made the entertainment their highest priority!

72% of couples wished they had spent more time choosing their entertainment and nearly 100% of couples said they definitely would have spent more money on the entertainment.

When guests were asked what they remembered most about the wedding, a huge 81% guests said they remembered the entertainment the most.

BUT, for many couples, the total budget allocated to entertainment is only 5% which goes to show just how underestimated the wedding entertainment is.

So if you want your guests to have one of the best weddings they have been to, then you need to make your wedding entertainment your priority.

What wedding entertainment do you want?

So how do you pick your wedding entertainment?

  • You need to decide what kind of entertainment you want – are you looking for a band, a wedding singer, a DJ or a combination of both
  • Consider the size of the venue, there is no point picking a band of 7 if there is only enough room to fit a stage for 3 band members
  • What kind of music do you want?  Your thing might be heavy metal or old-skool dance music but is that what will get your guests up on the dance floor?
  • What time does your wedding reception start?  A band can’t play continually for 4 – 5 hours so what will you do in-between the bands session’s?

Choosing your wedding entertainment?

You might have an idea of the kind of band you want but how do you know if it’s what you want?

  • The best place to listen to bands playing live is to ‘audition’ them for yourselves. Many bands perform at live gigs at pubs and clubs so pop along and see how they interact with the crowd.
  • Wedding shows (obvs!!) The big wedding shows, such as The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show have a dedicated Live Lounge, where a variety of bands and singers perform live throughout the wedding show.  This really is the perfect place to hear lots of bands, all under one roof … it’s like being a judge on the X Factor 🙂

    The Pedal Tones performing in the Live Lounge at January’s show
  • The bands playing at wedding shows will normally have a stand within the show so once they have finished performing you can speak to them about costs and what is included… they often have exclusive discounts at wedding shows as well so this is the best time to book them!
  • Most bands will have live sessions recorded on their website so if you can’t get to visit the band in person then at least you can hear them beforehand.
  • And if you are thinking of just having a DJ, remember its not as simple as just turning up and playing some tunes, you need to hear their sound system and the type of music they will play. Do you want a DJ who just plays music or do you want them to interact with your guests.

Big Event Group’s, Your Singing Waiters

Cost of entertainment

Every band will have a different cost but on average, you need to be looking around the £1,000 mark for a traditional-style wedding band. £800 – £1,500 is a good indictor but you need to find out what is included.

The Pedal Tones offer 3 different packages, but their most popular package is 3 x 40 minute sets of live music for £1,000… but as an added extra they also include a playlist too of pre-recorded ‘DJ’ style music along with the live sets we do as well!

The Pedal Tones

Citrus Funk are a high-octane 5-piece band who mix it up with classical instruments to give a high energy performance, guaranteed to rock your wedding.

Citrus Funk

An average size band is between 3 – 5 members so bear in mind for larger bands there may be charging up to £2,000.

Companies such as Big Event Group, offer a range of acts and DJs to entertain your guests from Singing Waiters during the wedding breakfast through to wedding singers, bands and DJ’s in the evening. They have packages to suit all types of weddings and can tailor-make your entertainment to include extras such as photo booths & casino tables.

Your Singing Waiters

Ambience music is also a lovely way to set the scene and a classical string quartet is lovely background music during the wedding breakfast or as a filling in-between the wedding breakfast and wedding reception.  Athena Strings are a group of classically trained musicians but with a difference as they take your favourite songs and add a classic twist to it.

Athena Strings

Bands such as Icon Live and Six15 Events offer unique entertainment with a Ibiza-style sound and stage set-up, with musicians playing live to dance floor classics – with DJ continuing after the live sets.

Six15 Events performing at The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show January 19

Icon Live

So if you want a wedding that you and your guests will remember for a long time to come then make your wedding entertainment your priority!

The Pedal Tones

To find the band that is gong to turn your wedding reception into a party your guests will remember forever, come along to the Ghetto Golf Live Lounge at The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show 21/22 September and audition the bands yourself!

One person per couple goes FREE, ticket is valid when attending the show with someone who has purchased a ticket. Offer ends 5pm 20/09/19 and is for standard entry only.

Get discounted tickets online before 5pm 20/09/19.

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