Congratulations, you’re engaged to be married!

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Congratulations, you’re engaged to be married!

Congratulations, you’re engaged to be married!

Congratulations, you’re engaged to be married!

StackPhotography – Stand 60

Can we start off by sending you our warmest wishes, as planning the day that you will say those magic words “I Do’ to each other, is a very special time for you both.

There is so much to thing about, to plan and so much to do and I bet your head is still spinning from the excitement of it all but don’t panic, as we can help you with a thing or two ….

  1. Rule #1 (and it’s a very important one) your wedding is YOUR wedding!
    The wedding day is about you! No more words are really necessary except so many couples forget this…. so you need to make sure YOUR wedding is done YOUR way, from start to finish. Even if parents very kindly offer to pay in full, if you don’t want to invite Great-Aunt Ethel (who you last saw when you were 2 years old) then you don’t have to. The location, theme, style and most importantly, the guest list is your decision! So now we have that sorted out, we can move onto the planning stage.

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  2. Time. Time of year, what year and time of day.
    Do you have a favourite season or do you have a theme in mind that will suit a certain season? What year will depend mostly on budget, the average length of engagement is 18 – 24 months, but if you have your heart set on a certain venue on a particular date, then you might have to wait a few years for it to become available. On the other hand, if you are flexible and have the budget already, many venues offer a cracking deal if you can book a last minute date. Time of day might not seem important at first but once you start thinking of how many guests you are inviting, location and style of wedding this might change. A very formal, grand affair style wedding would suit a 1pm ceremony but a more bohemian, party-style wedding would suit a 4pm start…. and weddings abroad often don’t start until 6pm because of the heat.

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  3. Venue. The venue will depend on your personality and what kind of wedding you want: country-house, city chic, bohemian tipi, church or aboard…. and it’s only now that you are engaged will you realise just how overwhelming the choice is out there!  Wedding shows are perfect for viewing lots of venues in one place and narrowing them down to your favourites, you can make an appointment for your own private viewing and this saves you time and petrol money whizzing all across the North West looking for venues over the next 6 months.

    Knowsley Hall – Stand 94

    Elite Marquees Woodland Wedding Venue – VIP & Live Lounge Marquee
  4. Size of wedding.  This question is very heavily linked with Rule #1 … how many people do YOU BOTH WANT at the wedding?  This is not the number of people you think you have to invite but the number of people who you want to share this massively important day with. The venue and number of guests are also heavily linked, if you have a venue in mind but it only holds a limited number but you want a big wedding then you will have to either find another venue or be brutal with the guest list…. choices, choices!
  5. Wedding Suppliers.  At this stage you probably haven’t heard of many individual wedding companies. You probably didn’t realise there are companies out there who specialise in beautiful chair covers and ties or that you can turn a wedding venue into a magical winter wonderland with a real ice bar but what you will find out is that you need to book certain companies quickly.  Most photographers are individuals who can only cover one wedding a day so if you have picked a key wedding day (Saturdays May – September) there is a chance they are already booked up. There are larger photographer companies who have a number of photographers working for them but again if you prefer a particular photographer at your wedding the same applies so you need to book quickly.
  6. The Dress!  Take your time, you will hear people saying “the dress will find you” … and its true.  You will know when you find the right dress but let the shop assistants help you find it, they are experienced at what they do and they are experts at knowing what style suits each figure.  But most importantly keep an open mind because the dress on the hanger is nothing like how the dress will look when you try it on. Another reason to visit wedding shows is to see the dresses come to life on the catwalk – watching the dresses swirl and twirl on the stage is so much easier (and nicer) to visualise.
  7. Bridesmaids.  Be strong! Don’t be tempted to add extra bridesmaids because you feel you are letting someone down.  Your bridesmaids are the ones who will support you leading up to the wedding and on the day so go with your heart, not your head.
  8. Budget.  This is where you need to be sensible – although you will soon realise this is very hard to do. You need to sit down together and work out just how much you want to spend and how long it will take you to get the money together (unless you are one of those amazing people who actual save money already!) If you have a limited budget then important decisions need to be made i.e. would you rather have the venue of your dreams but with fewer guests or don’t you mind where the venue is along as you are surrounded by all your friends and family?
  9. Registrar.  It doesn’t matter whether you are having a church wedding or a venue wedding. Once you confirm the date and place you need to register your intent with your local registrar and complete the official paperwork before the actual ceremony can take place.  This is a legal requirement with time constraints so check out your local registrar’s website as soon as you can.
  10. More questions. You will have so many questions floating around your head, who, when, where and even why! So our best advice is to register your free bride or groom ticket (one of you needs to buy a ticket) for the biggest wedding show in the North West, The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show at the Echo Arena 8/9 September 2018 because this really is the ultimate wedding shopping experience and over 150 of the finest wedding companies will be on hand to answer all your questions, offer you exclusive show discounts and help you turn your dream wedding day into a reality.


Here are just some of the companies exhibiting at The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show 8/9 September at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, Echo Arena:

Cake Shop Liverpool – Stand 54

Attire Menswear – Stand 140

Live Lounge

8 stunning catwalk shows

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