Bring the fire. Wow your guests with a Wedding Fire Show!

I don’t think it gets more excited than a Wedding Fire Show for your guest, but what does it all entail?

We chatted with Bring The Fire Project, the North-West’s leading and fire performing company with over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry to find out exactly what they offer and how they truly are bringing it!

Bring the Fire Project – “We offer wedding shows and experiences that are adaptable to suit any theme and scalable to suit any budget. We work closely and attentively with clients to produce a performance that will fit into the flow of their big day and provide unique and memorable entertainment for all attendees.

In terms of fire shows, we offer a few different options / packages. 

  1. Ambient Fire Shows
  2. Freestyle fire dancers with varied props can increase ambience and keep guests entertained for long periods of time. Works well as background entertainment or as a meet and greet as guests arrive to a venue. These ambient performances go along with any music, including a band or DJ that you may have booked. We also offer fire and live music combo packages which can include harp, piano or violin accompaniment. The perfect way to set the tonne or add to the atmosphere at your wedding reception.
  1. Fully Choreographed Duo Show 
  2. We also offer a fully choreographed romantic duo show which is staged and set to music. This offers a chance to gather all of your guests in one place to experience shared thrills as our talented performers offer a multi-prop feast of flaming entertainment. You can expect beautifully choreographed fire dancing, huge flames and explosive special effect pyrotechnics to add a bang to your wedding. 
  1. Fire Experience and Customisation 
  2. Want something truly bespoke? We can work with you to customise the above options and create a full-on immersive fire experience for you and your beloved. We can include the use of fire sculpture, work with your photographer to get shots of you holding flaming props, construct fire rituals, choreograph a piece to your favourite song… the list goes on. We can also adapt our costuming to suit any theme, and include extra special performance add-ons such as fire goddesses in burning costumes and crowns, plus fire giants in the form of stilt-walkers. Together we can talk about your needs and desires and construct an experience that’s truly individual. 

Alternatively, we offer choreographed LED shows using high-tech programmable light equipment which can make an excellent alternative or indoor option. This is also fully customisable as we can input specific photos, pictures and text for the couple.” 

At the St George’s Hall Wedding Fair on Sunday 12th June (FREE ENTRY – 11am-3pm) Bring the Fire Project will be promoting their fire show packages.

At The North West Wedding Show on 1-2 October 2022 they will be promoting their LED shows. Neither are to be missed!!

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