A little party never killed noboby!

So we gonna dance until we drop! Entertain your guests with an awesome wedding band!! Fill the dancefloor and keep the party going all night long!

Deciding what evening entertainment to have is crucial to making it a memorable occasion for everyone. So how do you pick your wedding entertainment?

Confetti Canons courtesy of PC Roadshows

The wedding ceremony is the serious part of the day, the wedding breakfast is when your guests start to relax and the wedding reception is where the real fun begins… so if you think of the evening entertainment as an afterthought, you are not going to have the rip-roaring party atmosphere that ends your perfect day with a bang that you dreamt off.

Most couples allocate the majority of the wedding budget to the venue, food, outfits and photographer with very little left for the evening reception. So what do you need to turn your wedding reception into the party of the year?

What kind of entertainment do you need?

This all depends on what you want. There a number of things to consider:

  • what kind of music do you like
  • will the majority of your guests enjoy this kind of music
  • are you having a low-key wedding where you just need background music
  • do you want the kind of music that gets everyone on the dancefloor
  • how big is your venue and how big is the space for musicians
  • do you want a live band, a DJ or a combination of both
Off the Charts Band performing at a Wedding party!

What is your budget?

Make sure you allocate a budget at the start of your wedding planning – and stick to it! A live wedding band will cost more than a DJ and the number of musicians in the band will also make a difference to the cost. If you find a band you like but are too expensive, then speak to them about reducing numbers. A trio versus a 8 piece party band will make the difference to the cost.

How do you listen to bands before you book them?

One of the best places to listen to the bands play live is at a wedding show, the The North West Wedding Show at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool have a dedicated Live Lounge where you can listen to the bands and musicians play live and by doing it this way you can also get a feel for how the band interacts with the crowd so you will know if they will fit in with your wedding guests.

If a band is recommended to you, then visit their websites as they normally have demos you can listen to or they list the gigs where they are playing.

If Interactive Entertainment is more your thing, a DJ from a good entertainment company could be a great idea. A Wedding Host/DJ will spend more time at your wedding than any other of your wedding suppliers. A host will plan with you to create your perfect wedding entertainment for your guest to join in with.

We are really excited to have Off the Charts Band performing at the St George’s Hall Wedding Fair on 12th June ahead of the catwalk shows giving you a great chance to hear them perform live! Along with the fab team from PC Roadshows compering the catwalk and giving you the opportunity to see one of their professional DJs in action.

If that’s not enough, you will also find them both amongst a fantastic line up of musicians, bands and gospel choirs in the Live Lounge at The North West Wedding Show in October – We can’t wait to get the party started!!

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